Hydroplan has in-house expertise in the design and specification of High Voltage systems and equipment.  Our in-house capability enables us to identify and implement the optimum overall solution for the grid connection of each hydro generating station.  This can range from a simple local connection provided by the local distribution grid company to a private wire allowing two or more generating stations to share a single point of connection with the grid, up to an extensive HV network.

Our capability covers all aspects of network development including:

(As necessary for each particular scheme)

  • Power system design, from initial conceptual design through load flow and other system studies to ensure performance, reliability and stability of the network to optimised equipment specification
  • Protection system design, and protection setting studies, to ensure that assets are safeguarded and to meet the requirements of the grid company
  • Substation design, including specification and purchasing of primary and secondary equipment and installation and civil works
  • Route selection and survey, provision of installation drawings, and optimisation of HV and LV cable systems

Our capability is underpinned by the extensive experience of our specialists, which includes rural electrification, grid connection of major generating stations at voltages up to 400kV, and the system design of the longest AC HV sub-sea interconnector in the world.

Example of our HV Electrical work