Private 33kV HV Network
Private 33kV HV Network

Client : Corrour Estate
Location : Highlands, Scotland
Network capacity : 5.5MW net at point of connection
Network : 40km of 33kV cable plus 12km of 11kV secondary distribution


On the remote Corrour Estate in Scotland, Hydroplan has developed a private HV network at 33kV to connect four hydro generating stations to a single point of connection with the grid.  Although the grid company originally proposed to provide the grid connection close to the boundary of the Estate, they realised that due to the remote and difficult terrain they would be unable to comply with their obligations on repair times.  An alternative more accessible point of connection to the grid was agreed and Hydroplan, on behalf of the Estate, took the difficult 10km-long section on Rannoch Moor into the private network.

In addition to connecting the four hydro generating stations, the private network also provides reliable power supply to Estate houses and other buildings replacing diesel generators and an unreliable 11kV connection and allowing cheap hydroelectricity to displace gas and oil for heating.

The extensive private cable network is equipped with reactive compensation to allow the stringent limits on voltage and power factor at the point of connection to be met efficiently at all levels of generated power.