Tongland Doon Hydro Project

Client : Scottish Power
Location : Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Project date : 2015
Project type : Compensation Set
Capacity : 2 x 100kW


Loch Doon and Tongland are both existing dams that form part of large hydro schemes in the Scottish Borders.  Hydroplan was employed to investigate the potential for retrofitting small turbines on to the compensation flows from each of the dams.

The schemes were both challenging – particularly in relation to access and allowing for flood management provision.  Moreover, both schemes are listed structures and had significant fisheries interests. Hence water use licences and listed building consent were required.

Hydroplan worked to a tight deadline (due to the restrictions of the feed-in tariff) to deliver all the consents and to also provide outline design for the compensation sets.

The consents were issued in 2015.