gaineamhach rickety bridge

Client : Gaineamhach Hydro Scheme
Location : Gairloch, Wester Ross, Scotland
Project date : Since 2015


The 2MW scheme on Loch Gaineamhach required a full Environmental Impact Assessment as part of the planning application due to its size and location within the Wester Ross National Scenic Area and the Flowerdate-Shieldaig-Torridon Core Area of Wild Land.

Hydroplan conducted preliminary feasibility work in 2015, with environmental surveys undertaken by sub-contractors during the summer of the same year. In addition, Hydroplan carried out a number of environmental impact studies. Due to environmental constraints, the scheme layout went through several iterations during the planning stage before the configuration with the lowest environmental impact in terms of land area and habitat affected was found. In addition, mitigation measures were considered where possible during the design stage.

On the edge of Loch Braigh Horirsdale, a curved track and cable bridge was designed to replace an existing rickety ATV bridge. The new bridge has carefully been designed to follow the geomorphology and integrate into the landscape.

The scheme was consented in spring 2019.