Location : Yorkshire, England
Project Date : 2018-2020
Installed Capacity : 500kW
Services Provided : Due Diligence

Knottingley is a 500kW low head hydro scheme on the River Aire in Yorkshire. The scheme was one of the first hydropower schemes in the UK to be co-located with a battery. The lithium-ion battery unit has a capacity of over 1200kWh and is designed to deliver Firm Frequency Response (FFR) for the National Grid. The battery can also export over TRIAD days, multiplying the scheme output by 2½ times.

The battery is remotely controlled using Limejump’s Virtual Power Plant offering. When not performing FFR or TRIAD services, the battery is used for load shifting and for trading to maximise the revenues at each site.

Hydroplan performed due diligence on behalf of the lender during construction and carried out a review of scheme performance in relation to raising the weir after commissioning.

Key Features:

  • Battery and hydropower co-location
  • Urban setting
  • Pioneering approach
  • Grid balancing services