Location : Various, Scotland
Project Date : 2015-2018
Installed Capacity : 3MW (proposed)
Services Provided : Feasibility, Energy Yield Assessment


A number of estates already operate successful hydropower schemes, many which have been designed and built by Hydroplan over the last decade. Given the variability of hydro generation it was considered to be worth exploring the opportunities for integrating other renewable energy sources, making use of the existing grid connection.

Hydroplan was employed to investigate the options for installing solar panels on the site – both rooftop and ground mounted. The scope of the study included a site visit to identify suitable locations for the panels, and assessment of prospective energy yield and how the solar generation would interact with the hydro.

The cost of solar panels and inverters has been reducing each year. However, with the low irradiance levels on the west coast of Scotland, the economic justification cannot yet be made.

Key Features:

  • Hybrid solution
  • Integrated with existing hydropower portfolio
  • Using an existing grid connection