Location : Preston and Burnham-on-Sea, England
Project Date : 2017
Installed Capacity : 2.5MW and 3.75MW
Services Provided : Due Diligence

Carver Hey and Wick Lane are two solar projects where Hydroplan was employed by the scheme lender to undertake a technical review of the projects prior to construction. Thereafter, Hydroplan was the technical advisor during the construction process.

The first phase of the works comprised a review of the planning and legal documentation, the site layout and system design and the proposed costs, energy yield and timescales for construction. Part of this work also included drawing up a risk register with a traffic light system of red, amber and green risks for the lender to consider.

The second phase of the works involved site attendance during construction and a final report, post-commissioning.

Key Features:

  • High installed power
  • Short construction timetable
  • ROCs schemes