Although small hydro schemes are designed to be autonomous, they do require a certain level of management and maintenance to prolong equipment life and ensure effective operation within regulatory parameters.  There are three key areas to consider when operating a hydro scheme:

  1. Operation & Performance – to ensure the scheme makes the most of the resource available and is producing what it is expected to produce
  2. Compliance – to ensure that the scheme does not cause any environmental damage and operates within its licence parameter
  3.  Maintenance – to ensure longevity and to reduce risk to the owner and operator

The services we offer include:

  • Operational Management
  • Performance Testing and Monitoring
  • Environmental Compliance

For more information on bespoke Hydro Operations & Maintenance Services please view our O&M Services business – OM-3Hydro Operations

For more details please refer to our Operations brochure.

Examples of our Operation & Maintenance work

  • Allt Fionn (2MW), Scotland
  • Inverbeg (1MW), Scotland
  • Corrour Phase 1 (2.3MW), Scotland
  • Beinn Eagagach (1.1MW), Scotland
  • Croftmill and Lynemore (2 x 100kW), Scotland
  • OM-3 Hydro O&M Services