Many financial institutions and other bodies require a level of independent advisory work in order to be certain that any borrowing requirements can be supported by the income that the project will produce over its lifetime.  This may be most relevant for project finance where the borrowing is without recourse and the borrower may be unable to provide sufficient security beyond the project itself.

In particular, Hydroplan offers services that look carefully at the whole project including:

  • Access and property issues
  • Fulfilment of preconstruction planning conditions and restrictions
  • Suitability of the civil contractor and other suppliers including the design consultant
  • Hydrology and projected average annual energy production and income
  • Assessment of the risks including, pipeline design and surge analysis
  • Monitoring and reporting during the construction period

The object of these services is not to add another layer of consultant’s costs but to use Hydroplan’s experience to help other projects to be built safely and to a consistent level of quality that will be able to meet all future repayment requirements.  In addition, Hydroplan offers services relating to evaluations of existing hydro schemes where an owner may wish to extend borrowings for further development and written expert opinion for insurance purposes, including assessment of liability following mechanical breakdown and resolution of other disputes, including marital divorce.  Hydroplan has been asked to investigate projects that include:

  • High head schemes with or without storage
  • Pelton and Francis turbines
  • Schemes with single or multiple intakes
  • Large low head schemes using Kaplan turbines and Archimedean Screw Turbines
  • Retro-fitting of compensation turbines in large dams
  • Modelling of thermal plumes from conventional fossil fuel power stations


Hydroplan is a preferred technical advisor to several banks.

Examples of our due diligence work

  • Inver Hydro (2MW), Jura, Scotland
  • Gerlan (1MW), Bethesda, Wales
  • Nevis Range (1.1MW), Fort William, Scotland
  • Holme Pierrepont (500kW), Nottinghamshire, England