Location : North West Scotland
Project Date : 2018-2020
Installed Capacity : 3MW
Services Provided : Dispute Resolution, Expert Witness


Two small hydroelectric schemes in the north west of Scotland were developed in 2016 in the rush to meet the cut-off date for the FIT. They were designed by a consultant and turbine supplier both of whom subsequently went into administration. From the outset after hand-over, some of the pipelines and other component parts failed and the schemes underperformed to the extent that the owner had little choice but to take legal action against the designers under their Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.

Hydroplan was contracted to provide the services of an Expert Witness which involved a detailed technical due diligence exercise on the design of the two schemes in relation to overall layout, pipeline design, build quality and actual performance. This work included the installation of monitoring equipment (cameras at intakes and flow and pressure gauging), analyses of actual and potential energy production, making recommendations on the necessary remedial works to the intakes and pipelines including detailed estimates of the cost.

The purpose of this work was to provide professional and impartial advice to the Court. Based on the information and reports that Hydroplan supplied, the case was settled out of court to the satisfaction of the owner.

Key Features:

  • Complex schemes
  • Multiple considerations
  • Short deadlines and time pressure